Range Information


                  M-F  10am-9pm  Sat.  9am-9pm  Sun.  1pm-5pm 

Range Pricing

Item Price
Lane Rentals
Senior Rate

Additional person
(same lane & session)
Senior Rate
$20/hr (Non-Member)
$18/hr (Non-Member)

$10/hr (Non-Member)
$8/hr (Non-Member)
Pistol Rentals
(each additional)

Long Gun Rentals
(each additional)
$10 ($2 Member/Seniors discount)

$15 ($2 Member/Seniors discount)
Ammunition Market Price
Hearing/Eye Protection Free
Targets $1.50 - $3.50 per target
Online LTC Range Certification $50
In-house LTC Certification

Per Person-$75   Member/Seniors-$60

LTC Classes are Non Refundable

Please make sure you can attend before purchasing!!!


What to bring: All Students need to have a DL or State ID and a serviceable handgun w/50 rounds for qualification. Rental Guns and Ammo are available for rental.

Take Aim does offer Personal Training One on One   

$50 - $100 per Hr.   Price depending on course title selected.

- Training is tailored to your needs
- Beginning to advanced
- Certified instructors
- Call for one-on-one instruction pricing


Take Aim does FFL Transfers $20


   Ladies Night every Thursday Night !!!

Sorry Men, Regular Range Pricing for you. This is for the Ladies!!!

Lane Fees $12.00      Rental Guns $8.00

Our Instructors are here for FREE Instruction

Come learn how to properly handle a Firearm!!!!

See You at the Range!!!!


Holster Draw OTW

Cost $50

This class is designed for you to learn proper Holster Draw technique from outside the waist band. Once completed, you will then be certified to draw from the Holster here at Take Aim......