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New Training Class

Take Aim Level 2 Pistol

Instructor: Steven Zuniga

April 24th


Take Aim is now offering an intermediate pistol course that will provide interested students a chance to become more proficient with gun handling and marksmanship. This course will cover topics that include:

  • Drawing from the holster

  • Handgun manipulation (speed reloads/tactical reloads)

  • Handgun malfunctions

  • Accuracy drills (drawing from the holster)

The expectation for this course requires the student to have a good working knowledge of firearms handling and marksmanship before attending this class. Students should come to the class prepared and ready to move to the next level of shooting.

These are things the shooters will need to have to attend this course:

  • Serviceable handgun with 100 rounds of ammunition

  • Serviceable holster (no drawing from concealed will be done in this course)

  • Spare handgun magazine and magazine pouch (two pistol mags total)

  • If shooting revolver speed loaders and pouch are recommended but not required

Note: It is recommended that you call the Range (418-6061) and provide upon registration for the class the type of handgun and caliber being used. This will provide the instructor with insight for instructional purposes and the use of snap caps needed to conduct the class (if used).

Cost: $175.00

Limit 7 Students max so call and reserve your spot



How to Apply for a Texas LTC


Before or after you take your class here or elsewhere, go to    and click apply. 

There is a $40 fee you will pay the State.

After a week or so, you'll need to go to and set up an appointment for your Fingerprints. 

Identogo's new location here in Amarillo is scheduled to open the week of  September 14th. The number and address will be given to you at time of scheduling.

Then after you take the LTC Class, you will be given a LTC100 class completion Doc. Follow these steps....



(If you do not have a scanner, take a photograph of it with your phone and email it to yourself. Open the email and save the document to your computer.)


  1. Go to DPS home page:

    1. Click on: Handgun licensing (tab)

    2. Click on: Submit LTC Supporting Documents (tab)Follow the prompts

    3. Enter your information: name, license #, address, etc , Choose submit LTC100. Click on “Browse” option. Find your LTC100 and double click on it. This will copy it to your application. At the bottom you must click on the “attach” option. Ensure it has been attached before you submit your application.

    4. Once you're sure your form is attached, click on submit.

On the next business day , you will receive an email from DPS advising that they have received your document and started processing it.


If at any time you want to check the Status of the process, Log on to your account. This is one of the ways the state will communicate with you...If something needs to be done from you, It will be listed. 


     LTC Class Registration/Sign up on our Classes Page


 What You Need: A Driver's License, your firearm, 50 rounds  of ammunition (No steel allowed). Hearing and Eye Protection Provided.

 (Firearm rentals available if needed) 


  Class Time: Class runs from 12:00pm - 6:00pm. Check in at 11:45.


Shooting Proficiency: The LTC class is not meant to teach you how to shoot, you need to be proficient before you attend the class. First time shooters are not recommended to take this course yet. 


The shooting test will be conducted at 3, 7, and 15 yards. 20 rounds will be shot at 3 and 7 yards. The final 10 rounds will be at 15 yards.  


You can sign up for classes at under the Classes tab then view times. Choose the date and add to cart. 


You must also apply for LTC with the state. Do this ASAP before you take the class. Instruction's on our News page with links. Cost will be $40 for each person applying.