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 Versa Carry Holsters are sold here and in stock!!!! ITW and OTW....


Women's Self Defense

Taught by Husband and Wife Team of

Advanced Black Belts

Learn Precautionary Strategies.

Personal Self Defense while Unarmed and Armed:

Personal Weapons, Enviormental Weapons and Firearms.

If this is something you would be interested in, please contact the Range.




How to Apply for a Texas LTC


Before or after you take your class here or elsewhere, go to    and click apply. 

There is a $40 fee you will pay the State. The State will set up the fingerprint appointment for you sometime during the process. 

First Alarm will do the prints at 800 SW 7th Ave. Your prints will be electronically sent to DPS. There will be a fee for this as well I believe. 

After you take the LTC Class, you will be given a LTC100. Follow these steps....



(If you do not have a scanner, take a photograph of it with your phone and email it to yourself. Open the email and save the document to your computer.)


  1. Go to DPS home page:

    1. Click on: Handgun licensing (tab)

    2. Click on: Submit LTC Supporting Documents (tab)Follow the prompts

    3. Enter your information: name, license #, address, etc , Choose submit LTC100. Click on “Browse” option. Find your LTC100 and double click on it. This will copy it to your application. At the bottom you must click on the “attach” option. Ensure it has been attached before you submit your application.

    4. Once you're sure your form is attached, click on submit.

On the next business day , you will receive an email from DPS advising that they have received your document and started processing it.

During your application, you will be scheduled for an electronic fingerprint appointment. Once the state has received your fingerprints, it will take 30 to 60 days to complete your background check and send you your permit.

If at any time you want to check the Status of the process, Log on to your account. This is one of the ways the state will communicate with you......If something needs to be done from you, It will be listed.