All of our League's are meant to be FUN and designed for any skill Level. Take Aim is working hard on showing you how fun shooting sports can really be. Also boosting your confidence in yourself on how to handle Firearms safely and effectively.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each class.

These leagues are designed for ALL SKILL LEVELS!!!

Pricing will be $60 per person and 50$ for members for the 5 week league. (Cheaper than Bowling League) 


22 Caliber League

Our next 22 cal. League will start Monday 10/21 and run for 5 weeks every Monday night. Practice will start at 6:30 and Shooting will start at 7:00. Usually finished by 8:30. We will have classes of Scoped Rifle, Open Sight Rifle and Pistol. Red Dots are NOT allowed on open sight Rifle and Pistol. We will be shooting 30-50 rounds with a timed course of fire in each stage. There will be a different target selected every week for open sight classes to keep you on edge.

The last 4 Leagues, we have shot Men and Women together and it's been awesome.Depending on the participation, we may keep it that way. We'll see how many sign up.  There was a female Open Sight Rifle class champion last league.  Again, this is all for fun. It's a great way to meet new friends and share skills between one another. Take Aim encourages you to bring as many friends as you like!!!!!!!


 9mm/45/380 Caliber

Our 9mm/45cal/380 Pistol League will start Monday 10/21 as well and will run for 5 weeks every Monday night. Practice starts at 6:30 Shooting at 7:00. This league, we will be using 30-50 rounds, a timed course of fire, with reloading stages (Mag Change) included. We will be using Dot and Object Drill targets. We will also be shooting 3-5 round Magazines at multiple targets in each stage. Coarse of fire will be announced on League night.

It may sound intimidating but it really isn't. Shooting Sports are a lot of fun. Again, this League is all about fun and how to use your firearm safely and effectively to build your confidence. That's what we're here for. Looking forward to meeting all of you!!

BTW: Congratulations to Cristie for the last League Win in in this class shooting a Glock 19x 

These Leagues are a lot of fun. Not intimidating at all. You will meet new friends and have some awesome fellowship. Come join us and bring some friends. We can really get creative the more we have....

See you at the Range!!!