Monday: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sunday: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


All shooters need photo ID

All firearms must be in a holster or case.


Fee is $20 an hour and if two (2) people share a lane we have a $10 add a shooter fee.


Yes, For Membership sign up only. Please provide I.D.


Yes. For non-members, you must buy an hour minimum. If you will frequently be doing function tests, you may want to look into a membership.


We only provide reservations for Members. Feel free to walk in and rent a lane, you can always call ahead and check on how busy we are. If you planning on bringing a group, give us a call and we will do what we can to provide side-by-side lanes, although this is not guaranteed.


Our 25 yard Rifle Range has 6 lanes, and our 15 yard Pistol Range has 7 lanes.


No, but we can recommend someone if you need information on local gunsmiths.


It is MANDITORY that you get approval from management for this arrangement.


One-on-One training is $50 an hour. Give us a call and let us know what you would like to work on, and what days/times work for you. We will contact one of our instructors and get back to you with the finalized date and time for your session.


Yes, Firearms are sold by order and we do FFL Transfers.


We have a contract with a metals company, due to this, we are unable to sell our brass or lead to other parties.


If you have a malfunction and you cannot clear it, LEAVE THE FIREARM IN YOUR BOOTH POINTED DOWN RANGE. Alert Take Aim staff, and we will come in to the range and assist you.



I need a specific tool to adjust something on my firearm.

Once again, LEAVE THE FIREARM IN YOUR BOOTH. We will allow you to use our tool kit. We will check it before we give it to you, and after you give it back to make sure nothing has been lost.




ALL firearms must be in a holster or case when you enter the lobby. If you have loaded magazines, please keep them out of the firearm until we send you out on the range so that we can safely inspect your ammunition in the lobby.


We allow up to two (2) shooters per lane. You will have to take turns shooting. We do not allow two people to shoot in the same lane simultaneously.


You are more than welcome to keep your own brass. All brass from other shooters, across the firing line, or in the brass buckets is off limits. If a Take Aim staff member starts sweeping your brass, just let them know you want to keep it and they will leave it for you.


Yes! Minimum target size is 18''x 24''


No. We require you to purchase ammunition from Take Aim when using Take Aim rentals.


If you want to shoot both during one session, we will put you in the Rifle Range. We will give you a short brief on trajectory and how to avoid shooting the floor with handguns in the Rifle Range.


Yes! However, we DO NOT allow: Steel Core, Green Tip, Incendiary, Tracers, or any type of Shot Shell. We will inspect your ammo before we send you out on the range.


You can bring anything under .338 Lapua. Shotguns are not permitted.


In order to be allowed to draw from the holster at Take Aim, you must first take our Holster Draw class, and be signed off by one of our instructors. DRAWING FROM CONCEALMENT IS PROHIBITED.


Children must have a basic understanding of firearm use and safety, and be a minimum of 8 years old. If you have a proficient 7 year-old , give us a call and check with us.


You may wear whatever you are comfortable shooting in. However, be aware that low cut tops or collared shirts increase the chances of hot brass falling into your shirt. Also, open toed shoes, or some types of boots may lead to brass burning your feet. If either of these happen SET THE FIREARM DOWN IMMEDIEATLY, then tend to your burn.